Reflections — ‘Learning From Chinese Philosophy’

Thank you to everyone who attended our recent speaker event with Professor Bryan Van Norden! Please find below a few words from our event host, Yifei Chen, as well as the full recording of the talk.

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‘I think the 90+ participants in attendance from different time zones and academic disciplines could all have agreed on one thing, that it was difficult not to be impressed by Prof. Van Norden’s passion and depth of knowledge. One can almost see a resemblance between the charismatic professor labouring to put Chinese philosophy on the map in western academic philosophy and Confucius going around the Warring States and universities, trying to convince them to follow his ideas. Flowing effortlessly from Kant’s racist views to insightful interpretations of Zhuangzi’s sceptical arguments, he gave a thorough and brilliant defence of the idea that Chinese philosophy is nuanced, insightful and relevant to problems discussed in modern Western academic philosophy. It was an honour to host such a wonderful guest for our first event of the term, and I’m sure Prof. Van Norden will be back with OCF in the future, if only to answer all those leftover questions from October’s enthusiastic audience.’ – Yifei

Video Editor: Zixi Cai 

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