The Oxford China Forum (OCF) Journal is OCF’s newly-launched scholarly journal. It complements the Forum by providing critical, rigorous and in-depth analyses of China, thereby enhancing exchanges of ideas between China and the world. The Journal is interdisciplinary, covering all dimensions of China, including Taiwan.


The OCF Journal welcomes contributions from all students of the University of Oxford. Submissions should be pertinent to OCF’s aims and goals, and could fall within any dimension of contemporary China, including politics, international relations, history, literature and media. All submissions will be peer-reviewed to academic standards. The OCF Journal will consider two types of submissions:


  • In-depth and theoretical research pieces with original analytical argument;
  • Should substantively address an indigenous issue or theme in the context of contemporary China;
  • Initial submissions should be limited to 3000 words;
  • Must include a 100–150 word abstract.


  • Shorter pieces with original research and empirical evidence;
  • Should provide original opinions or insights on a topic issue;
  • Limited to 1000 words;
  • Limited number published;
  • Must include a 100-150 word abstract.

Submit Your Article/ Commentary

Please send your submission to, along with the following details:

  • Author information (name, university, course, copy of Student ID, contact details);
  • Article information (abstract, article type, word count) .

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